My friend Erin had a surprise birthday party last night for her husband Baha at Divan. I’m not so sure how surprised the birthday boy was, but he had a fun time anyway. Here he is with the girls. I’m the one in the pink.


My friends Emily, Maya and I split the Mezza Platter. I didn’t try the dolmas since they had beef in the them, but everything else was good. I also tried the hookah. It had green apple tobacco in it. It just made me cough and I didn’t really like it.


After Jason got off work, he came by for a little while. He ordered the potatoes and the black bean hummus. I munched on his potatoes. (Haha, that sounds dirty!)


The group was going to another bar afterwards but Jason and I were both tired and decided to go home. On the way to my car, I slipped on the wet street and fell on my knee. I didn’t hurt myself more than a scrape but it was kind of embarrassing! I am known for my clumsiness!

I don’t know how many points my meal and drinks from last night were. I just logged it as 20 which is probably on the very high side, but I figured to be safe, I would just eat in my point range for the rest of the week. In a way, I’m kind of glad that the holiday season is over because my eating habits can return to normal. No more parties, no more buckets of food in the breakroom.

Half marathon training starts tomorrow!


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