Rest Day

My half marathon plan affords me one rest day a week. I was planning on taking it on Friday, but felt that today would be a better choice to rest. I have felt very run down all week. I wonder if I’m reintroducing running too quickly. I know the whole adding no more than 10% a week rule and I’m definitely not following it considering I took about a 6 month hiatus from running all together and am now running 10 miles a week. It could be something work related. Or I could be getting sick. Who knows? I decided that a rest day was in order and will cure what ails me.

Dinner was a random combination of leftovers. Broccoli and water chestnut mixture from last night mixed with leftover white beans and some feta on top of a gardenburger grilled chik’n patty. So random, but really not bad. I have real chicken patties in the fridge for Jason, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to eat them yet.


You can’t even see the “chicken” patty but it’s underneath. I’d never had this particular kind before, it was “grilled” not breaded. It sort of looked weird to me but tasted okay.

Murphy and I playing with PhotoBooth.


6 responses to “Rest Day

  1. Murphy is so freakin cute! Im slowly trying to introduce running back into my life because Id like to run a half in May. Its not going to be a pretty the first few weeks. lol I hope your not getting sick. Im getting over that myself. Second time in two months. Bleh!

  2. Hey Melissa! I always think I’m getting sick and then never actually do. I guess that’s better than being sick though.

    Getting back into running is hard! It’s tough knowing that what seems hard now used to be so easy. I keep telling myself that it’s mental and that I’ll be able to do this. You will too, of course.

  3. Too much too soon leads to frustration & burnout, so be careful.

    You and I are a lot of like in that we ramp up to these races – and then when it’s done – we’re done. We take these huge hiatuses from running and then when the next big-thing rolls around, we’re back at square one.

    I struggled not to sign up for ING this year, because I want it bad. But, really, it would be another crazy training schedule followed by me not running at all for 2-6 months. So, I’m trying it a little different this time.

    Hence why I’m doing a 16 week 5K training. LOL.

  4. Lauren, I know it’s a possible recipe for disaster. I didn’t even run the Zooma Half back in November because I had burnt out. I was exaggerating a little bit though when I said I am going from nothing to 10 mpw. I have been running a little bit since last summer.

    One of my resolutions is to KEEP running after I finish training.

  5. good luck with the training and i hope you feel better!

  6. THanks Em. I think it was the long work week that was getting to me. I feel much better now that it’s the weekend and I have been keeping up with the training plan as well.