My Name is Lee and I Eat Weird Stuff

The evidence:


What you see here is 1/2 cup refried beans, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, salsa and steamed veggies all mixed together. I also had a salad. I know it sounds gross, but it tastes good, I swear! I was supposed to, according to the meal plan that I did for myself, have Mexican food tonight but I just didn’t exactly know what to make and this sounded appealing and I had the ingredients on hand.

I am trying to not be upset with myself for what I ate today prior to this meal. It was our CEO’s birthday and they took us to C&S for lunch. I hadn’t eaten a snack beforehand. I’d say I normally eat a morning snack about 50% of the time. Anyway, since I hadn’t had the snack, I was pretty hungry by the time we got to the restaurant which made it awfully hard to resist the calamari appetizer that was ordered for the table. I had a few pieces and then a piece of bread. For my meal, I ordered some sort of tuna special that wasn’t on the menu. It seemed to be in some sort of oil though, maybe truffle? I just kept feeling pangs of guilt that I should have gotten something healthier, shrimp or fish cooked without oil perhaps. After lunch, they had a German Chocolate Cake in the office for him. I’m not a big Chocolate cake fan at all but this had a coconut icing on it that was to die for. I had a tiny piece.

I know in my mind that this is pretty normal eating. I had a little bit of a fried appetizer and a tiny sliver of cake. BFD, right? But I cannot seem to rid myself of the little voice that is telling me that this is why half of my clothes don’t fit.

But hey, that icing was really good and I had a light dinner.


One response to “My Name is Lee and I Eat Weird Stuff

  1. ha I’ll have to take your word for it!! 🙂

    OH YUM – german chocolate cake is amazing to me – I think it’s the coconut…. I dunno but YUM!