Almost the weekend

I think I’m going to cancel Weight Watchers. It’s not working and I think I’m just wasting money. I’ve been tracking my calories for the week, not on WW, and am averaging around 1800. Maybe I need less to lose weight. I’ve heard that 1500 is what you need for weight loss. I just keep going over.

I had dinner last night with my friend Jamie. We went to Amaryn’s Thai Bowl. We were roommates for three years and at one point lived within walking distance of this restaurant and went there all the time. I normally would get the same thing – the build your own noodle bowl with the mushroom and ginger broth with udon noodles, broccoli, spinach, bean sprouts and tofu. I got that last night and something was different! I think they changed the recipe. The broth tasted weird and the person taking orders gave me a weird look when I asked for only a little bit of noodles, not the normal amount. She also gave the wrong type of noodle. Such a disappointment! After dinner, we went across the street to a new Irish Pub called The Grange. It was formerly a pub called The Angel and it looked exactly the same in the inside. I had three glasses of Allagash White, a wheat Belgian-style beer. I was feeling okay with my choices even though I had more beer than I’d liked to have had on a weeknight. I had a little bit of drunken munchies when I got home, however. But we won’t talk about that.

I’m doing well on my cooking resolution. Tonight was Mexican Baked Fish. I served with with sauteed spinach and half of a sweet potato. I used baked chips instead of regular and many of them found their way into my mouth while I was cooking. Oops. The topping of the fish was good but the actual fish tasted weird. I had bought Kroger brand frozen cod. I think this would have been much better with fresh fish or at least a better frozen brand.


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