Just Chillin’ (literally)

I cannot seem to get warm today. It’s not even that cold out. It’s in the low 30s, I believe. I just have a chill that I can’t seem to shake. A warm bath may be in order.

I feel like I’ve become somewhat of a recluse. Maybe that’s not the right word. I have always been, in all stages of my life, the planner. I always coordinate activities with friends and the like. In a way, it drives me crazy but it’s just the way it’s always been and the way it continues to be. As I grew older, my circle of friends expanded into many different circles, some that knew each other well and some that have never even met. So basically when I want to do something, I send out a text seeing what various people are up to and if anyone is up for anything. When I don’t try to coordinate anything, chances are, I’m staying in for the night. I wonder if everyone feels like this. I just don’t get that many calls asking what I’m doing unless I’ve asked first. I mean, I guess sometimes I do. The point is, basically, I’m probably spending my Saturday night doing laundry and going to Trader Joe’s. Suddenly, though, that almost seems more appealing than going out, drinking too much and feeling bad the next day. (Wait, that sounded appealing once??)

Aside from my exciting night of laundry, I did have a good day. I went to the gym around 11 am and did my 3 mile run that I was supposed to do Thursday. It was a good run and I didn’t have to take any “jump to the sides of the treadmill for a minute to rest” breaks. I still have to do my long run, 4 miles tomorrow and if it continues to be cold out, I will be revisiting the gym. Afterwards, my friend Erin and her 8 month old came over to meet Murphy. He was not especially good with the baby. He kept trying to jump on Erin who was holding her. Not good. We ended up going to Doc Chey’s for lunch. (I’m being lazy and don’t feel like linking it). I had the Spicy Szechuan Broccoli with shrimp. I ate about half and a little less than half of the brown rice. The thing about going out to eat is that I never know how to gauge exactly how many calories I am eating in a meal like this. 500? After lunch, I took the Murphster on a 2-mile walk. All in all, 5 miles today between walking and running so I’m happy with that.


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