I got most of the things on my to-do list accomplished. The only things I didn’t do were going to get my oil change and going to Petsmart. I did manage to walk Murphy for about an hour, go to Target and get cleaning supplies and some new running socks that didn’t have any cotton in them (yay), run 4 miles and go to both Trader Joe’s and Kroger. I really wish that I had tomorrow off though.

For dinner, I made something from one of my favorite cookbooksThe Pretty Darn Quick Vegetarian Cookbook. I love this cookbook. Out of all the cookbooks that I own, which is a lot, I definitely use this one the most. It’s basically cooking for lazy people because the whole premiss is that all of the veggies are frozen or canned. I know it’s probably not AS tasty as if I were using fresh but it’s so much easier. Besides, don’t frozen veggies have the same amounts of nutrients as fresh?

Tonight, I made the Skillet Macaroni with Broccoli. I used brown rice penne instead of elbow macaroni. It was really good and filling. I have not made a single thing from this cookbook that I didn’t like. I’d highly recommend it.


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  1. ooooh thanks for the recipe book rec – i’m always looking for new things to cook!