I was not impressed with my dinner this evening. I made Artichoke White Bean Soup from Eating Well. It was completely bland. I added some Soy Chorizo, which rocks by the way, and that made it a little bit tastier, but still not so great. I took a picture but it looked like a bland bowl of green soup, so I’m opting not to post it.

I’ve been counting calories for the past two weeks and everyday, I seem to get upwards of 1800 calories. It occurred to me that 1800 is fine for maintaining my weight, I’m not gaining, but is just too much to lose. So, starting today, I am going to really try to only eat 1500 calories a day. Today was good, I got somewhere in the 1400s and feel completely satisfied. It also suddenly occurred to me that if I’m planning out my meals for the week, I should count the calories to make sure it’s around my goal and that there is a little bit of a bufffer should I want a piece of chocolate or something. I am full of “duh” moments today.

Murphy has too much energy right now. He’s alone for the day Mon-Wed and he’s always into everything when I get home. He was chewing on something and I had to open his mouth to see what it is. He had a dime on his tongue! He also wants to chew up the mail or really any form of paper that is lying around. I take him for a half hour walk before work in the morning, but it’s not enough. I wish that I’d get lighter out and I could walk him at night but right now, I do not feel safe walking him in the dark by myself.


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  1. hahah close! i am celebrating obama tomorrow, but tonight i am celebrating the last day of bush in the white house. 🙂