At last

I had been dreaming that I called in sick to work. After my alarm went off for the third time, I realized that I did, in fact, have to go to work and not only that, but I was late! I took Murphy for an abbreviated walk. It was 22 degrees out and I was already running late.

I got to work and had decided that I was going to ignore the rules that we have that say we can’t stream video and watch Obama’s swearing in. Before I had a chance to break the rules, I was invited to watch at a bar which sounded like a much better idea. The three other democrats in my office and I went to Meehan’s where they had several TVs on CNN. A lot of the people that I work with are big on lunchtime drinks. I rarely partake. I feel so out of it and tired when I get back to the office. At first I was going to stick with water, but I thought, “What the hell? It’s a celebration!” so I ordered a Stella Artois. I had brought my lunch and decided not to eat at the bar, which I was proud of doing. I did have a bite of a co-worker’s ahi tuna nachos.

After work, I made Braised Balsamic Chicken with Broccoli and Cheese from the PDQ cookbook. It started off not so great:


Note to self: Don’t microwave broccoli in a tuperware container with the lid on! Fortunately, dinner was a rousing success.


I also had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert and a handful of trail mix. I did go over my 1500 calorie limit which I attribute to the celebratory beer. This 1500 calorie thing is hard! I decided to take today as my rest day. Mostly because it’s so freaking cold out. I can’t help it; my body has become accustomed to living in the south. It’s not supposed to be 20 degrees out!


5 responses to “At last

  1. YUM – your dinner looks GOOD! haha I LOVE Meehan’s! It’s been a while, but me and my co-workers used to do happy hours outside at the one off Hammond. Was it not SO cold today?! Blah! I hear you – calorie counting is HARD. I do 1,550 as my high and get VERY close to it VERY often. 🙂

  2. I’m trying to lose weight too! Maybe we can keep each other motivated? I just started tracking my calories last week and keep getting screwed up with eating out when I can’t figure out or approximate my cals! Guess I need to stop eating out #1! I think I’m going to try for 1500 cals as well. Because I’ve been eating more than that and basically maintaining my heavy self 😦 depressing! my husband is SICK of me complaining about my weight and its time to CHANGE! focus on whole natural foods, stop snacking on junk, ditch super processed foods and watch my salt intake b/c I think thats a wee bit high!

    one of my good friends lives in Atlanta 🙂 She’s going to make me come visit in the next few months I think and help her open her store and decorate it and stuff

  3. So the weather here finally got to me… I’m officially wearing thermal pants and a long sleeve shirt under my slacks/dress shirt. Crazy!

  4. The chicken was really easy to make. You guys should try it.

    Fittingbackin – it’s supposed to be 62 on Friday!

    Sarah – Sounds good to me. I can’t seem to get under 1600 calories though. I try to rationalize it by saying that I run a lot, but still.