Decisions, Decisions

I never seem to have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that I want to do. I got home last night at about 6:30 (traffic, argh), played with Murphy, ate some hummus, went to the gym with Jason, came home and ate veggie burgers and sweet potato fries, watched The Real World and went to bed. It sounds like a somewhat busy night, but there are tons of things that I didn’t get done.

Like laundry.

Can I explain to you how I look like an idiot today? I am wearing a short sleeve shirt/dress thing with leggings that just go down to my calves*. I took the forecast of a warming front to heart when I got dressed even though it was still in the twenties this morning! So now, at work, I have been constantly sipping on tea to warm myself up. Several people have even commented on how inappropriately dressed I am for the season.

We seriously have a huge backlog of laundry waiting to be done. I feel like I am always doing laundry. This is going to sound like a major excuse but a big reason that I now dread doing laundry is Murphy. No longer can I take the clean clothes out of the dryer and throw them on the couch and leisurely fold them. Nope. He takes that to mean that there is a huge new pile of chew toys. So, I have to put them in a laundry basket and haul them upstairs all the while having Murphy try to jump at me and try to make me fall. (He has a wonderful little habit of trying to go up/down the stairs in between your legs. Fun stuff.) I’m just extremely lazy in terms of putting away laundry. I think this might be hereditary. I remember as a child going into my mother’s room and picking out my clothes from her [clean] laundry basket. I do not remember ever getting clothes from my dresser or closet. Hmm.

I made a quickie tortilla pizza for dinner. This included zucchini, peppers and soy chorizo on top of marinara sauce and Mexican cheese.


So, herein lies the option. Do I do a 2 mile run tonight and come home and spend some quality time with the laundry basket or do I run 3.5 and do weights so I have an easier day tomorrow and can take a nap before date night?

*Also, I may have looked like an idiot because I was wearing leggings. Period.


8 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Do you watch the Dog Whisperer? You are going to have to deal with Murphy’s excitement over the laundry – or it will only get worse. Caesar Milan does this _shhhhhjjjjjt_ thing with dogs (with a quick jab to break their attention – not hard, just to break the state of mind thing). It really works.

  2. 3.5miles & weights now so youcan nap later 😀

  3. I grew up in Gaithersburg! went to GHS!

  4. Sarah – I went to Walter Johnson.

  5. Sarah, thanks so much for the donation! I’m so sorry I didn’t link you before, but its linked now. I didn’t want you to think I’m a bad bloggng friend. 🙂

  6. Oops Meghann – that is a different blog with a really close sounding name! I will donate too though 🙂

  7. There’s DEFINITELY not enough hours in the day! I blame myself – I require 8 hours of sleep – ARGH!

    hehe the weather has been CRAZY! Did you hear tomorrow it’s high 60’s?!

  8. I know! I require at least 8 hours if not more. I”m psyched about the weather this weekend even though it’s supposed to rain.