Push It

I ran 3.5 miles in 34:58 and that INCLUDED 3 minutes of walking. I am very proud of myself. Normally, I run at anywhere from a 10:00-10:30 pace so doing 3.5 miles at a 9:40 pace with the last quarter mile at a 8:00 pace was really fast for me.

Today has been a pretty good day in general. I’ve noticed that the weather in the morning totally dictates my mood for the day. When I have to take Murphy out and it’s freezing cold, it just puts me in such a pissy mood. This morning was warmer, in the 40s, and our 25 minute walk was pleasant.

I ate around 1500 calories today. This is what I ate:

Breakfast – egg sandwich with slice of 2% cheese.
Lunch – tuna salad; carrots; pickle spear; corn (yeah random)
Snack – kashi bar; 5 sliced stawberries
Dinner – carrots (while dinner was cooking); for my meal, I sauteed zucchini, tomatoes, spinach and peppers in Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce and added shrimp. I ate it with brown rice. I took a picture, but don’t feel like uploading it to Jason’s computer since my macbook is currently out of comission.
Dessert – about .75 cup of fat free Edy’s yogurt topped with some Fiber One
After workout snack – air popped popcorn


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