Just one result?

I have been doing everything right and the weight just is not coming off. Seriously, for the past three weeks, I’ve been working out A LOT and trying to keep my calories around 1500 a day. I’ll admit that in the first two weeks, they were probably around 1800 instead of 1500 but I would still think that would produce some sort of weight loss. I guess not. It’s like I have been losing and gaining the same three pounds for a year.

I just haven’t been able to hit the hammer on the head (nail on the head? Some sort of carpenterish saying) of what exactly I need to change. Whenever I read articles on weight loss, it’s like do A instead of B and you’ll lose weight. Well, what if you already do A? The only thing that I can think of that might be holding me back is portion control. I try to measure things but sometimes, like at work or when Jason is cooking, I don’t.

I’ll keep on it. There is no reason not to. I mean, if I’m not getting the results that I want from doing what I’m doing, I’m definitely not going to get them if I give up. I realize that but I just want to see a little result. Just one little itsy bitsy one.

Yesterday I did lower body strength training and ran 3.5 miles. Today I did the elliptical to sort of work out the tightness in my legs. It worked a little bit. This weekend is going to be difficult diet-wise. I’m supposed to do my long run on Saturday with my friend Joan who is running the half with me. But, afterwards there is this huge surprise 30th birthday party for one of my friends and I know that will mean trouble. I need advice for handling party situations.


4 responses to “Just one result?

  1. I know how you feel. I am trying to lose some extra weight too and it’s taking forever. I just keep telling myself that if I stick with 1) my nutrition plan and 2) regular exercise that I will see results but maybe not as quickly as I’d like. I think it really depends on your body.

    Portion control can also be a big deal – sometimes those little bites add up quickly and we don’t realize it. I often have some of my boyfriend’s hummus/pita chips while he’s snacking, and I never think to include it in my daily calories. I’m sure that’s why I’m slow at losing too.

    And as for the party – just go in there with the right attitude. Don’t restrict yourself but don’t overindulge. You will not have as good a time if you restrict yourself. When I go to parties, I try to think “Ok, this is a special occasion, and I might not eat perfectly but that’s OK. Tomorrow is another day when I can go back to my normal schedule.”

    I hope this helps? Just know that you are not alone!

  2. I just saw your comment on Rose’s blog! I hope you don’t think I swiped your blog name…I didn’t know yours existed, so I’m so sorry!!!

    Here’s a little party advice…eat before you go, something really filling, then just lightly snack at the party and when you’ve eaten all you should, pop a piece of gum!

    I think its awesome that you are training for another half! I run my second in April.

    Good night!

  3. Rose – I have the problem of picking at my boyfriend’s snacks too. Specifically hummus and pita!

    Sarah- No worries about the blog name! As for the party, I’m really more concerned about how to not drink much. Maybe I should chew gum though, that might work for that too.

  4. Hang in there! I know you’ve likely heard this before, but it will happen eventually. I don’t know if I’ve told you this before (forgive me if I have), but I worked out consistently for 4-5 months and didn’t lose an ounce. Then it started to come off. Perhaps you’re just on the dreaded plateau. Keep it up and try not to get discouraged!! 🙂