The day has been salvaged

By my dinner:

This is the Hungry Girl Fried Chicken which is just really chicken breasts dredged in egg whites and Fiber One cereal bread crumbs. I didn’t expect much, but it was really good. I have mixed views on the Hungry Girl stuff. Most of her desserts are filled with artificial ingredients but her main meals have always been pretty wholesome and really good. With the chicken fingers, I had sweet potato fries.

It honestly did put me a better mood. This was not the best day. I had been working on this brochure for this convention that a salesperson at my office was going to. We ordered 500 of them from an internet printer and both failed to notice that the turnaround time did not include shipping. So they didn’t get here in time. So, I had to go over to Kinko’s and get 50 printed. Shouldn’t have been a big deal but it kept printing incorrectly. The Kinko’s employees were of no help. I ended up behind the counter, on their computer and fixed the problem. I swear, I always end up behind the counter at Kinko’s. Maybe I should work there! The whole process took an hour and I was very stressed out. Of course, when I finally got back to work, I had to sort through like 30 emails.

I felt less stressed as the afternoon wore on. But when I got home, Murphy had escaped from his room (the door is sort of broken, but you have to try pretty hard to open it if you don’t have opposable thumbs), eaten the Comcast remote and pooped on the floor. Not a great end to the day.

But seriously, the chicken fingers fixed it all. I was so happy that they tasted good that I started to feel better about my day. At least it’s almost the weekend. Sorta.

I’m supposed to run 4 miles tonight at the gym but it is so cold out. Normal cold, not Atlanta cold. I think the wind chill was 19 when I was driving home from work. I’m being kind of a wimp, huh? I mean I’m not trying to run outside!


6 responses to “The day has been salvaged

  1. this winter officially sucks for the south. it is going down to 14 tonight here!

  2. The weird thing is that it’s supposed to be in the 60s this weekend. Not that I’m complaining about that!

  3. Um thank you – it was so very cold today! I didn’t dress for the weather… eek! I’m sorry about your printing situation – no fun at all… I hate when stuff like that happens. I hear you on HG – we tried her mozzarella sticks in fiber one and Austin hated it and I wasn’t in love…I now have a box of Fiber One and am scared to try any recipes! Perhaps it’s better with chicken and i’ll put it to use!

  4. I used to like Hungry Girl before I started eating “cleaner” and now I’m verrry opposed to most of the things. But she has some of the basics like eliminating meat from most things, and her awesome fiber one crumb mixture! I have yet to try a recipe (went vegan recently) but I might do a cheeseless pizza sometime 🙂

  5. luckytastebuds

    Totally agree with you on how hungry girl uses so much artificial stuff in her dessert recipes in particular. The oven fried chicken looks great though, and i love her butternut squash fries!

    You have the CUTEST golden retriever in the world.

  6. The non-dessert items are really pretty good! I was actually going to make this with shrimp instead of chicken but my grocery store was being renovated and I couldn’t find frozen shrimp and didn’t trust their fresh!

    Thanks Luckytastebuds. He is pretty cute! That is, when he is not chewing everything in the house.