The Southern Groundhog

Did you know that there are several prophetic groundhogs out there? Puxatawny Phil might have seen his shadow this year, but General Beauregard Lee said that we’d have an early spring and judging by the weather this weekend, I think he was right.

It was so nice out. On Saturday morning, my friend Joan and I went for a 6 mile run. Afterwards, we ate lunch at Estoria with another friend, Zoe. I hadn’t been there probably a year and was not happy to find out that their menu shrunk! Not only that, but they traded in their awesome fries for some okay ones. I usually don’t order fries for a side, but this is maybe the one place where I would. Not anymore. Oh well.

Today, was equally nice. We dropped Murphy off to be groomed at Petsmart and had lunch at Olive Bistro. I have one word for that restaurant. Bleh. I ordered the veggie pita which was a whole wheat pita (they did have that going for them, a choice of white or whole wheat) crammed with hummus, tabbuleh and feta. It sounded good but it was way too big and, in my opinion, should have had more veggies. Plus the hummus had way too much tahini in it. I liked the consistency, I like my hummus to be thin, but not the taste. We also both ordered a side salad which was just okay. Jason had the gyro and said that the meat tasted like it was boiled. We will not be returning.

I had some time to kill while waiting for Murphy so I went into Whole Foods where I bought some different Greek Yogurts. I’m looking forward to comparing them. (And they had Chobani at Publix. Woo hoo!) Then I sat around in Borders and read books.

Murphy looks very fluffy now and the best part is, he didn’t throw up in my car!!

I went to Pilates at the Ansley LA Fitness. It was harder than usual for some reason. We used the Pilates Circle between our thighs a lot which made everything really hard.

Now, laundry and cooking time. I hate Sunday nights.


2 responses to “The Southern Groundhog

  1. Aw Murphy looks great! So glad he kept the vom down hehe. Wow – Olive Bistro sounded terrible! Blah! I love the pilates class at L.A. Fitness – Buckhead. I need to go back soon – so fun!! That thigh circle thing is killer though…

  2. I would not recommend that restaurant! It definitely had potential but blech!