Early Valentine’s Day

I don’t typically like to go out during the work week. It interferes with my workout schedule and if I drink, I feel bad the next day. However, since Jason and I aren’t going to be able to spend Valentine’s Day together, (I’m visiting my Grandmother in FL) we decided to celebrate early. A wise decision in many ways, primarily because we’d miss the crowds.

I’m not huge into V-day. Last year we got Chinese takeout and watched a DVD. But we have these gift certificates for a bunch of restaurants and one of them was only valid during the week. It seemed like as good of an opportunity as any to use it. So Nakato it was.

Jason came home from work with a dozen roses, wine and a card which contained tickets to see Ben Folds at the end of the month! We got all cleaned up and made our way to the restaurant. Nakato is both a Japanese hibatchi restaurant and a sushi restaurant. We’d never had the sushi side before and thought about it, but Jason was really in the mood for Hibatchi so that’s what we did.

We got there at a perfect time because we had our own table. Normally, you sit with a bunch of people, but it was just us which was nice. The entrees come with a lot of food! I ordered the scallops and shrimp and Jason had the steak and calamari. Not only do you get the meat that you order, you also get soup, salad, veggies and noodles. And the chef does a little show. It was very good but quite buttery/oily. I guess maybe I noticed even more because I saw the chef use the butter and it was not sparingly! Anyway, food was good and we had a nice time.

Unfortunately, when we got home, Murphy had an accident in the house and, later, chewed up the remote. Kind of a mood killer, right? We ended up just chilling on the couch watching Man vs. Food. Jason wants to vs. some food now. Specifically, a 11 pound pizza that was featured on the show from a place about 45 minutes north of Atl.


One response to “Early Valentine’s Day

  1. awww i’m glad you had a good v-day and planned ahead so you could do it early!! Your flowers are so pretty and your food looks fab! Oh Murphy – he is quite a little mess isn’t he?! haha Thank gawd he’s cute!!