That’s how I felt about tonight’s dinner and my run. I bought these Chili Lime Chicken burgers from TJ’s last weekend and decided to use them tonight.

The instructions said you could broil, grill or pan fry them so I decided to pan fry. It said you didn’t have to defrost them, just cook them for an extra 5-6 minutes. I interpreted this as an extra 5-6 minutes per side which is perhaps why they were incredibly dry! I’m sure they’d be good otherwise, although they didn’t really taste like either chili or lime. I also didn’t have any buns so that’s why it’s on a piece of bread. I made butternut squash and broccoli rabe to go along side. The squash was good, as it always is, but the broccoli rabe kind of tasted like trees. Albeit, tasty trees, but trees none the less.


After dinner, I made my way over to the gym for another 4.5 mile run. I guess I’m not supposed to do two in a row, but the way my schedule was looking this week, it just happened that way. Yesterday, I felt strong during my run. Today, I felt like my legs were made of lead. I’m not sure if it was because I had run yesterday or because I didn’t stretch properly or what, but the run absolutely SUCKED. I managed to finish though, a full minute a half slower than yesterday, but I still finished. One of my favorite songs came on about 3 miles into the run, Ben Lee’s “Begin” which has a line that I have always liked and I think can be applied to shitty runs like today’s:

“But I keep on moving. When I hit a wall, I look up at the sky.”

Oh, my technical issues have been fixed, I got that Foodie Blogroll widget on the side to magically appear. Not sure how, but I’ll take it.


One response to “Meh

  1. boo – sorry the burgers were disappointing. 😦 Hopefully they’ll be better next time! Glad you finished your run even though it was a toughie. 🙂