Jason makes dinner, Ben Folds and rain

Creative post title, huh?

Jason made dinner on Thursday night. I’ll admit it; he is a much better cook than I am. I think, okay I know, that my problem is that I try to “healthify” everything. I just lack creativity in the kitchen. I guess it comes with time. I can follow a recipe and those usually turn out well but when it comes to just being creative, forget it.


This was, and I might be forgetting something, Trader Joe’s potato medley stir fry veggies, shrimp, whole wheat egg noodles and a sauce made of Thai Peanut sauce, Szechuan sauce and Mongolian Fire Oil (I have no idea what that exactly is. Spicy oil?) I’m not sure how much he used of each, but it tasted really good.

For Valentine’s Day Jason gave me tickets to see Ben Folds. The show was last night. Apparently, he auditioned a bunch of college acapella groups to perform with him on his new album and the one from UGA won! So, he had them do like four songs on stage before he came on. It reminded me of being in college. Our acapella group was pretty popular and always had good parties after their shows!



I like Ben Folds a lot but wouldn’t consider myself to be a huge fan. I was pleasantly surprised at how many songs I knew. He played “Annie Waits”, “Brick”, “Army”, “Kate”, “Fred Jones”, “You Don’t Know Me” and a bunch of others that I knew but cannot remember right now. He did not play my favorite song, “Still Fighting It”. Oh well.


So, now that brings me to the rain section. And that’s what it’s supposed to do all weekend. Rain. So when am I supposed to do my 7-8 mile long run? I really, really don’t want to do it on the treadmill.


Seriously? Snow? I thought it was the first of March tomorrow in the South. Argh. It’s not raining right now, I guess I could go but the combination of drinking Bud Light at the concert last night and the fear that I am going to get stuck in a torrential downpour/thunderstorm is not making it very appealing. What to do, what to do?


3 responses to “Jason makes dinner, Ben Folds and rain

  1. He played Fred Jones?! Do you know that in the four times I’ve seen Ben Folds, he has never played that song (my favorite)? So jealous. Though I haven’t listened to him in a while – does he have a new album? Looks like a fun birthday gift!

  2. I’m SO JEALOUS you got to see ben folds!!! I love them! They’re originally from NC too 😉 represent.

    and it’s so funny that your post sounds exactly like mine regarding the rain. Doesn’t the weather know we have to get our runs in?? So inconsiderate.

  3. I was happy he played Fred Jones too. That was really the only song (besides Brick) that I knew every single word!

    I wish I did my long run yesterday. Because now it’s a snowy/rainy mix out and I’m going to have to do it on the treadmill. Plus, I think I’m getting a cold. Ugh.