I was on my way out the door to go to the gym to do the dreaded 7 miler on the treadmill, when I noticed a bubbling sound coming from the downstairs toilet. There was water leaking from the bottom all over my bathroom, like sewage water. I proceeded to freak out about it, as I tend to do when I don’t know how to fix something. I put a bunch of towels down and called Jason who was at work in hysterics. (I mean, I was in hysterics, not Jason.)

I live in a townhouse, so I knocked on my neighbor’s door to see if she was having any problems. Apparently, hers was bubbling but not leaking. An emergency plumber is on his way, but hasn’t gotten here yet. It’s 6:20 and the gym closes at 8. Pretty much looks like today is going to be a wash.

So, do I do the 7 miles tomorrow or just skip it all together and continue on with my training plan? I really don’t know. This all goes back to I should have done my long run yesterday.

An unrelated question: How much money do you spend on a bra (presuming you are a woman)?


3 responses to “UGH!

  1. Oh man- what a bummer! Ugh…

    I would say to not skip it and run it tomorrow? But I don’t know what your schedule looks like…

  2. It’s now an hour later and the plumber isn’t here and my house smells like sewage!

    Could I break up the run tomorrow? Like do 3 miles at lunch and the other 4 after work? 7 miles just takes a really long time for a slow runner like myself and that’s hard to do at a crowded gym.

  3. Hi! I’m the GA blog you found the other day. 🙂 I can comment on the bra thing… I used to buy cheap bras, and then went to Victoria’s Secret to get measured and buy “good quality” bras. I got Body by Victoria full coverage bras for $40/each, and I loved them, BUT about 6 months later 2 of them ripped. I was them on the “hand wash” cycle and take very good care of them, but they still fell apart. Now I usually go to a department store and get a nice bra on clearance for less than $20.