Sick Day

I have had a sort of head cold all weekend. Nothing horrible but my head has been hurting and my throat is scratchy. My sinuses also feel sort of clogged. Between that and the toilet situation last night and Murphy barking all night because he had to go out but didn’t want to get his paws wet just made me think that I needed to take today to rest. I often feel very guilty calling in sick if I’m not on my death bed, but I really don’t feel well and call out from work maybe once or twice a year if that.

I am still going to attempt my 7 mile run. I don’t know if that’s good or bad to do when I’m not feeling so hot, but I’m going to try at least.

I just got an email about the toilet situation. Apparently, the plumber that came said he’d never seen such a clog made of paper towels, baby wipes and grease in his 30 years of plumbing that he saw in our pipes. It’s for 8 houses, so I can pretty safely say it’s not me who caused it because I don’t flush those things (okay, maybe a paper towel once in a while when I run out of tp) but of course, mine was the only unit that actually had the sewage coming out of the toilet onto the ground.


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