Exhausted from Eight

Umm, it snowed last weekend and today is like 75 degrees? WTF Mother Nature? I’ll take it though.

I went for my 8 mile run today. My friend wasn’t able to make it so I went alone. It was gorgeous out which was a big plus. Nothing too interesting about the run. It started off slow and then got better after about 3 miles as all my runs seem to do.

There was one point of interest on my run. I ran by the Variety Playhouse and saw on the marquee that tonight’s Morrissey show, which we have been looking forward to, was cancelled! Apparently, he is sick and it is going to be rescheduled for the fall. Major bummer.

After my run, Jason and met my friend Andrew and took Murphy to the dog park. There were tons of people and dogs there. We stayed for about 45 minutes. It was so nice out and it was very tempting to go find some sort of outdoor bar or cafe that we could sit out, but I suddenly felt very tired from my run. I decided a nap was in order, but had a hard time falling asleep. It’s kind of a shame because Jason and I never have a weekend day together because of his job, and all I want to do is sleep! I just sort of laid in bed for about 45 minutes, dozing off here and there. I have a feeling it’s going to be an early night. Guess that’s what 8 mile runs will do to you.


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