Girls Night

Jason, Murphy and my camera have gone to South Carolina for a couple of days. So, I had a girls night, but with no pictures.

My friend and running partner Joan and I did a 5 mile run tonight. It was exactly the same run as I did last night. I felt like she was running at a faster pace than I was. It’s kind of funny because this is the girl that informed me that she does not run faster than a 12 minute mile. Yeah right! We were definitely running sub 10s. After the run, Joan invited me over for enchiladas with two other friends.

I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some guacamole and chips. I also bought a Think Fruit bar for tomorrow. I’ve seen the Think Thin bars and the ingredient list looks scary but these looked pretty good. Review to come. I went to her house, drank some wine, and ate enchildadas which were damn good, despite being made from an Old El Paso kit. Props to Old El Paso! I think she put some extra veggies in though.

I skipped out on the Shred tonight in favor of food and a social life. But tomorrow I’m back in it!

This seems out of context, but I had a salad (leftover from yesterday’s big salad that I didn’t finish) and Amy’s Butternut Squash soup for lunch and by 4pm, I was starving. Goes to show you that some fat does count for something!


5 responses to “Girls Night

  1. fat AND protein — both are key 🙂

    mmmm . . . guac!

  2. Whole Foods guac was pretty tasty.

  3. Good for you! How was that Amy’s soup?! I’ve been meaning to try it!

  4. you GO girl with the running!

    i was LAZY today and skipped – I suck 😦

    yummmmm gucamole is ALWAYS good!

  5. The soup was good. It could have definitely been beefed up with veggies or some sort of protein though.

    Sarah W – you don’t suck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve skipped a run. It’s fine; just do it tomorrow!