Leaving on a jet plane

Jason and I are going to DC today. We’ll be there through Sunday afternoon. I grew up in Rockville, MD and my parents both live (although not together) in Bethesda, MD currently. We’re staying with my mom. She lives within walking distance to a bunch of stores, restaurants and bars. She also lives directly behind the Crescent Trail where I’ll be doing my long run tomorrow. Yikes, looks like I’m basically running to Georgetown and back!

I went to dinner at Chow Baby last night with my friend Erin. I love this type of make your own stir fry place. I couldn’t even tell you what I threw together; it was a ton of veggies with some fish and some random sauces. It always tastes good though. I’d read somewhere that if you want, they would stirfry your dish in water in a separate wok instead of using the oil that the typically do. For some reason, I was shy about asking for this. Asking for some substitutions don’t bother me. No cheese, no mayo, salad instead of fries. All of those are fine. But then when it comes to inquiring about the cooking methods and if they’d be able to change them, I feel weird about asking. Anyone else feel like this?


5 responses to “Leaving on a jet plane

  1. Are you coming to the blogger meetup on Sunday in DC?

    You will be so close to me!

  2. i like your name!!

  3. Have fun in DC!
    Never compromise what you want to eat. It’s your body.. ask away!

  4. have fun this weekend – too bad we can’t get together!!! my weekend is packed!!! next time we should try to get together 🙂

  5. Rose and Sarah – It’s too bad that we can’t all meet up. I am leaving Sunday morning to go back to Atlanta. I come to the DC area a couple times a year so we’ll have to do a meetup next time!

    Lee – Yay for Lees.

    Leah – Thanks. I don’t know why I feel shy about asking for my food to be cooked differently. I guess I just don’t want to be perceived as high maintenance. But you’re right, it’s my body and I should put it it what I want.