I don’t wanna!

I need to go for my 9 mile run right now. I just don’t want to. It’s 35 degrees out with a forecast for snow showers. I have been really dreading this. I keep thinking that I could do it tomorrow morning or even maybe Sunday before I leave, but I know that I’ll regret it if I don’t do it today. Ugh. I’m going…I’m going.

We had dinner last night at Lebanese Taverna with my father, stepmother, brother Eric and Eric’s girlfriend. I love that restaurant! It’s seriously one of my favorite restaurants in the world. I pretty much go there everytime I’m in town. I actually sort of prefer the Lebanese Taverna Cafe in Rockville, because it’s cheaper and not as fancy, but the one that we went to was nice too. We ordered a few appetizers, but the only one that I had was the hummus. For my meal, I got the fish kebabs. Very delicious but very filing. Actually, I think it was the mass amounts of pita bread that I ate that filled me up.

Okay, getting into my running clothes now.


7 responses to “I don’t wanna!

  1. Just saying that I completely forgot you weren’t in Atlanta and was wondering what you were into to make you think it was 35 degrees and chance of snow!

    Hope you had a good run.

  2. Wow – you’re amazing! I don’t know if I could do it…

  3. I’m suposed to do 7-10mi tonight but I dont think its hapepning – I feel like dogshit LOL and I’m certainly NOT running outside! f that

  4. when i don’t feel like going on long runs i just tell myself to start and only do like 2 or 3 miles…after that i can stop….but i have never stopped because i know once i get to that 3 mile mark i am already into it and will keep it going….running is so mental i think it is 90% mental and 10% physical haha that is just how i see it

  5. AGHGHGH!!! I LOVE lebanese taverna. josh and i always try to go there when we are in DC. i get this lamb and pomegranate thing that is — well, really there are no words, it is THAT good.

    i’m drooling now. YUM.

  6. Well you know us crazy Michiganders….35 is a pretty good temp to run in for me šŸ™‚ Hope it was a good run!

  7. I wish the Atlanta weather was here. I made myself run and it was fine after the first couple miles, like you said Lizzy. The precipation held off fortunately.

    Sarah – You are going to be very jealous when I tell you that the Lebanese Taverna in Bethesda is within walking distance from my mom’s house!