I’ve got the sniffles. I can’t tell if it’s allergies or a cold though. The pollen in Atlanta is insane in the Spring. Extremely High pollen levels are somewhere around 120+. We get up to 6000! I don’t think we’re there yet though so I might just have a cold.

I felt okay enough to run after work. Murphy had an abundance of energy so I took him with me even though I knew he couldn’t run 5 miles. You can tell when he’s getting tired because he’ll start sniffing everything so he can stop. We did about 2.5 miles, not all running. I wanted to drop him back off at home and do the other half of the run but I was worried that it would start to get dark out. This was especially worrisome because at around 7am this morning, a jogger got stabbed like less than a mile from my house! Very scary. I live in a nice area so it just goes to show you that things like that can happen anywhere. Maybe I need to run with mace? I did the other 2.5 miles at the gym instead. I varied the speed from 6.0-6.5.

I forgot to take a picture of my dinner. I mixed a can of TJ’s marinated beans with some couscous and some spinach and added parsley, oregano and italian seasonings. It would have been delicious with some tomato and feta but I didn’t have either one.

I bought a bottle of Kombucha at Whole Foods on my way home from the gym. I’d never had it before but seen it on other blogs and wanted to try it. Plus, I thought it might be good for my cold. It was interesting tasting. Very tart and almost vinegary but in a good way. I had the Passionberry Bliss flavor. I would definitely buy these again but not too often because it was muy expensivo!


Happy St. Patty’s Day! I’m trying not to drink until after my race (March 29) so I didn’t do anything but was drinking green beer in spirit.


3 responses to “Sniffles

  1. I didn’t hear about that jogger being attacked! That’s so scary! Last Thur, a man was shot and killed at a Texaco station about 1 mile from where I live (Dunwoody), at 7:00 PM, still light outside. So scary, because that’s a nice area too! I’ve been considering starting to run with mace as well.

  2. yum on your couscous & marinated bean salad idea!!!

  3. cleanveggiex3

    couscous sounds so good!
    i really need to try that drink – its making its way through the blog world!