I am my mother’s daughter

Growing up, whenever my mom and I would go shopping, she wouldn’t buy any clothing because she wasn’t happy with the size she was. She ended up with a lot of old clothes and a lot of new shoes.

I find myself doing the same thing. Like I have mentioned, I’m about 10-12 pounds heavier than the weight that I feel most comfortable. Apparently, 10-12 pounds equals a bigger size and I don’t want to buy it. Half of my wardrobe doesn’t fit and the half that does, we’ll it’s mostly old. I’ve been at this same weight for over a year. Do I just bite the bullet and get some new clothes in a bigger size or still try to lose that weight?

I was talking to some girlfriends (who are all about my size and although I think of myself as needing to lose weight, I think they look great, but that’s a whole other post) about how it’s just harder to lose weight now that we’re 30.


3 responses to “I am my mother’s daughter

  1. I think it’s a trick. Point being, when I gave in and bought for my size that i’d been for a couple of years AND gave up a lot of the clothes that were too small, etc. – THAT’S when I started losing. Depressing, but true! haha Maybe start slow – get a few staples in the bigger size and see what happens… and keep the tags on as long as you can! 🙂

  2. I figure I can always do shirts and they’ll fit at either size. The extra weight is mostly showing up around my hips.

  3. I agree with “fittingbackin.” Maybe get a few staples and keep the tags on as long as possible, but continue to try and lose the weight, if you would feel more comfy a few pounds lighter.