Turned into a good day

I had a shitty morning but fortunately, the day turned around. Murphy and I went to Piedmont Park with my friends Andrew and Katharine. They wanted to get a table at the Park Tavern to get some food. The host told us it was a 30 minute wait. While they played around with a soccer ball, I took Murphy over to the dog park to let him blow off some energy. I was a little bit nervous about how Murphy would behave at the restaurant. It’s outdoors and everyone brings their dogs but it’s very crowded. I’d never taken him to a restaurant before so I didn’t know if he would try to jump on people walking by or try to get the food on the table or what. But guess what? He was a little angel. This totally made my day. The place was super packed and he just basically laid down under the table. Running around for 10 minutes at the dog park helped, I’m sure. There were servers walking past us with trays of food and Murphy was just fine. We got some appetizers. I had some hummus and a few tortilla chips with some bean dip. They got a pitcher of sangria but I just had a sip and stuck to water. (I did drink last night, my no-drinking til the race thing kind of got foiled by spring weather and an early dismissal from work).

After I got home, I got in the 5 mile run that I missed when I wasn’t feeling well earlier in the week. It wasn’t great. I got a cramp around mile 1.5 and had to walk some. Plus, my nose was kind of rubbed raw from my cold and the run was aggravating it for some reason. Eh, I got it in the though.

Then I spent way too much money at Target.


4 responses to “Turned into a good day

  1. I hear you on Target! I also had no clue that Target carried Sports Beans!
    Great job on the run!

  2. love target. dammit had i known they carry sports bean I would have gotten some! i picked up 2 adorable running skirts tho 🙂

    how many days a week do you run?

  3. I can do some serious damage at Target! Piedmont Park is SO fun on nice days!!!

  4. The sport beans were in the little bins by the power bars at Target.

    I run 3-4 days a week.