Stuffed pepper secret?

Is there a secret to making stuffed peppers that I don’t know about? Every time I try, the pepper gets all deflated and small and there is barely any room to stuff. Maybe I shouldn’t cook it beforehand. Anyway, as you can guess, I made stuffed peppers for dinner.


They are actually pictured on a pretty small plate. I took a red pepper, chopped it in half and put it in a covered dish in the microwave with a bit of water for 7 minutes. Meanwhile, I cooked some Israeli couscous and mixed that with TJ’s marinated bean salad, spinach and goat cheese and various spices. I decided that it needed a kick, so I topped it with Soy Chorizo.


They aren’t the most photogenic food in the world, but they were pretty tasty.

I think I need to overhaul my eating habits. I went from being hyper aware of the ingredients in things to not really even noticing. I bought some cereal at TJ’s last night and didn’t even notice, until I got home, that the sugar content was 12g. That’s too high for cereal and something that I should have paid attention to. I set some rules for myself. Now all rules are going to be broken at some point, but generally speaking, I want to follow them:

1. No more than 6g added sugar. (if it’s a fruit that’s different)
2. No weird chemically ingredients.
3. Try to get at least 4g protein and fiber in all snacks.
4. No enriched flour.
5. Fruit or veggies with every meal/snack.

Sound good?


2 responses to “Stuffed pepper secret?

  1. yum – they still look good! I’ve never made stuffed peppers so i’m not sure about the order. 😦

  2. I don’t cook mine before I stuff… I cut the top out, clean out the seeds and stuff. I cook them in a bread pan, usually 2-3 per pan (depending on size of pepper).