Weepy Run

Today’s run was 4 miles, tomorrow’s is 3, Thursday’s is 2 and then Sunday is the race. I did my 4 miles on the treadmill tonight because I was tired after work and didn’t feel like rushing to get the run into before sunset. As I was running, and I know this is super cheesy, the song “Chariots of Fire” came on my Ipod and I started getting a little weepy. (I’ve never even seen that movie!). I pictured myself all beat up and walking through the finish line of the marathon two years ago while that song was playing. Then a bunch of other songs came on that made me very emotional. That’s happened to me during races before, but I’ve never had to almost hold back tears on the treadmill. Truthfully, I’m extremely tough on myself. I never feel fast enough, thin enough, smart enough, whatever. But sometimes when I think about all the races that I have done, a huge surge of pride sort of washes over me. I sometimes forget that compared to a lot of the authors of the running blogs that I read, sure I might be a slow runner, but compared to the rest of the world that doesn’t run, the fact that I’ve run a half marathon every year for the past four years is something that I can toot my horn about.

So, two more runs and then I’ll run my 4th half marathon. Woo hoo!

Murphy is driving me bananas. He is very mouthy and getting into everything. I took him for a walk earlier; I don’t know how to get rid of his energy. I really don’t like it when he tries to constantly bite me. Sometimes I wish my dog had an off button. He’s into something downstairs; I can hear it. Ugh.

He was eating the mail. I’m probably the only person in the world who you’ll ever hear screaming at their dog, “it’s a federal offense to tamper with someone’s mail!”


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