Herein lies the problem

Jason’s work schedule is awful. Half the time I don’t even know when he’s coming home from work. On the rare day when we get home around the same time, I like to have dinner together. The problem is that I have issues waiting. When I’m hungry, I want dinner NOW. I got home around 6:20 tonight; he’ll be home at about 7:45. We need to go to the gym so that means that dinner isn’t until around 9ish. I tried to have a little snack of some fruit chews which led to an ice cream bar. It’s like I will start snacking before dinner and then either not eat dinner at all or eat dinner in addition to the snacks which can sometimes end up equalling two dinners. I’m not good at waiting. I know that some people like to get themselves pretty hungry because they feel like their food tastes better. Not me. It’s like no matter if I’ve had an afternoon snack or not, the second I walk in the door, I want dinner. I’m not really sure what to do about this except to somehow find a way to distract myself. Walking Murphy helps but today it’s raining so that’s out.

A food review:
Kashi frozen meals were on sale at Publix yesterdays so I picked up one of the new ones, the Mayan Harvest Bake. Once again, I forgot to pay attention to the nutritionals and just threw it in my cart. Holy carbs and sugar! 58g carbs and 19g sugar!! The rest of the stats were pretty good though including 8g of fiber and 9g of protein.

This meal consists of plantains, sweet potatoes, kale (though not a lot), black beans and polenta with some other sort of grain mixture in an ancho sauce. When it was cooking, I was trying to figure out what the high sugar content was from. The sauce? From the picture, the sauce looks very sweet and sticky but upon first bite, I realized it was from the plantains. Duh! I don’t think I read the ingredients very well when I bought this. Anyway, the whole thing was pretty good. Normally I feel like I have to add something to the Kashi entrees to spice them up, but this was pretty tasty on it’s own. Of course, the sweet plantains were my favorite part. Damn you, sweet tooth. The fiber and protein content will kept me full this afternoon which was a welcome change. I probably should have paired it with a green since, as you can tell from the picture, it is lacking in colors besides red and orange, but I happened to bring another orange side, cantaloupe. At least it matched.


I don’t know if I would buy this again. Based on taste, probably. But based on the high sugar content, I probably would only buy it once in a blue moon.


7 responses to “Herein lies the problem

  1. I’m the same way!! It’s now or never – I must eat immediately!

    Thanks for the kashi review – I’ve only had one Kashi meal and couldn’t justify the price.

  2. I’m like that too!! James doesn’t get home until almost 9 some nights! I used to try to wait but I just can’t. By the time he gets home I’ve already snacked too much to want dinner. annoying!

  3. are most of the sugars natural from the plantains, or is it added sugar?

    58g carbs doesn’t sound terribly unreasonable to me — but then again i’m a carb-o-holic 🙂

  4. Sarah – cane sugar was one of the ingredients but it was far down on the list.

  5. Could you eat a snack while eating on Jason? And then you’d be able to eat together?

    I usually start cooking right away and have it timed to be done the minute Bill walks in the door.

  6. I meant “waiting on Jason” – oops! That sounded strange.

  7. i think that if your hungry just have a snack before the gym and then eat dinner after the gym…9pm is late to be eating and you don’t want to go too long wihtout some food in you!