Dry Fish

I have an issue with tuna steak. Pretty much every time I try to cook it, I end up totally drying it out which is what happened tonight. I had marinated it in some sort of mustard/vinegar combination but that didn’t really do much to moisten the fish. So, I looked in the fridge and decided to give ol’ Country Bob another try. Last time I tried the sauce, I thought it was too sweet. But tonight, I poured some on the side and dipped my pieces of fish in it. And lo and behold, I liked it.

Back to my tuna problem. I like my tuna rare typically. But whenever I buy it from the store, I always end up overcooking it because rare fish that’s from Kroger or Trader Joe’s or wherever kind of scares me. I mean, I know that I could buy quality tuna steak from Whole Foods or the Farmer’s Market but I usually don’t because of the cost factor. Tuna is really the only fish that I’ve had the dryness problem with. I guess because it’s so thick.

In regards to what I posted about last night, the desire to snack as soon as I get in the door if dinner is not immediately served, I was pretty proud of myself tonight. I came home, ravenous of course, and cut up an apple with some cinnamon to snack on while my real dinner, the tuna and some steam in the bag cauliflower, was cooking.


One response to “Dry Fish

  1. i’ve never tried to cook tuna steak – but see how that could be an issue! good for you – yummy snack!