Spring Saturday

I wanted to take advantage of the 70 degree sunny day that we are having, so I drove over to the park with Murphy. I didn’t really think about the fact that it had been raining all week and that the fenced off dog park was all mud. You should have seen some of the dogs that were in there; they were covered in mud. Since I didn’t want to give him a bath later, we just walked around the park for a bit which was enjoyable but he probably would have enjoyed frolicking in the mud more. Oh well, I’m the human so I get to decide and I did not want a dirty doggie.



Having a dog really makes me take more advantage of the park. It’s such a nice, relaxing place. After the park, however, Murphy threw up in my car which kind of interrupted my relaxing mood.

And speak (or write) of the devil, guess what came today?


Of course I had to try it right away and see if I should have spent that $10 at Fresh Market. And the verdict was…eh. I liked it just fine but I didn’t think it was the end all be all of nut butters. It was creamy and sweet and if it was a couple of dollars cheaper, I would probably purchase it, but I didn’t think it was $10 good. Personally, I like Maranatha brand almond butter better, I think.


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