Monday Funday?

Despite being Monday and freezing cold, I had a pretty enjoyable day. I’m not sure why; I was just in a good mood. I’m not sure if I’d written about this, but I decided to forego carbs last week, for the most part. It sucked the energy right out of me, but I sort of feel like some sugar cravings are gone (I had strawberries for dessert, they might have been with some whipped cream, but still) and I’m sort of remembering the way to eat that my body responds the best to. And yes, it includes carbs which are back in my life.

Here’s an example of what I ate today. I consider this to be a pretty good day:

8:30 am – oatmeal made with skim milk, mixed with plain chobani and mango slices.

11 am – 100 calorie pack of almonds/walnuts

1:30 pm – shirataki noodles mixed with spinach and laughing cow cheese; roasted chickpeas

4:00 pm – pepper slices with 2 tbsp hummus

7ish – the fish and broccoli in the previous post; some air-popped popcorn while it was cooking; about 4 strawberries with ff whip cream.

4 mile run on the treadmill.

Post run snack – green smoothie made with 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, handful spinach, about 2 strawberries and 2 pieces of mango. I think that if I continue to eat this way, I will lose those pesky ten pounds. Hopefully.

This was basically my first run since the half. I tried to run 5 miles on Saturday and, blame it on the lack of carbs, I walked probably at least 3.5 miles of it. Today was fine though. Sometimes I expect those shorter distances to feel, well, short and they don’t. It’s easier but 40 minutes is 40 minutes and the time doesn’t pass any faster. I am having a little issue with running. It’s nothing new, but I was just thinking about the time of day that I run. I can’t seem to find a good time to go to the gym. I hate working out in the morning, I don’t have enough time at lunch, the gym is too crowded after work and at night my dinner is bouncing around in my tummy. Morning or evening seem like the only feasible options and, because I like to sleep in, evenings win. The problem is that I can still taste my dinner which is something that you don’t really want when you run. I went tonight about an hour after I ate and my body was not pleased that I didn’t let it digest. Of course, if it was warm out, this would not pose a problem since I could just run outside after work.

But for those of you who do run on a treadmill, when do you find is the best time of day to do it?


3 responses to “Monday Funday?

  1. menu looks good although i don’t get shirataki noodles. what ARE they exactly?

    as for running outside — what do you consider too cold? atlanta can’t be in a deep freeze by this point 🙂 in NC it’s been great — i actually love the 40-60 degree running temps. do you need to get some spring gear to make the ‘somewhat cold’ more tolerable?

  2. We’ve just had this cold snap the past few days where it’s been in the high 30s – low 40s. Normally, I’m okay.

    I think the noodles are some sort of tofu flour. I think they taste fine but I know a lot of people think they’re gross. THey just sort of taste like slimy noodles.

  3. When I do the treadmill it has to be at night. I am way too sluggish in the morning!

    Your eats look perfect! There’s so much balance in there!