Busy Bee

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time in the day. Specifically, I don’t have enough time in the after-work hours. I got home tonight around 6:15. Murphy was very energetic so we went on almost an hour walk. I guess I could have taken him for a shorter time, but it was nice out and he needed exercise. By the time I made dinner and ate, it was already nearly 7:45. Now I need to digest my food some and then go to the gym and the grocery store. See why I’m always tired? It’s just go, go, go until I go to sleep.

A few days ago this huge box arrived. Inside was a very small (compared to the box) package of ravioli. It came from Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program.


I decided to cook these tonight with marinara sauce that I “beefed” up with some cabbage. The ravioli was delicious. It was mushroomy but not too woodsy tasting and had some creamy cheese flavors too. I probably wouldn’t have put it in a tomato sauce if I had known, because the tomato flavor sort of overpowered the mushroom filling


It was a little high in calories for my liking. The package contained two servings at (I believe) 320 calories each. I don’t think I would have purchased this in the grocery store for that reason, but it was very tasty. Plus, one serving seemed to be pretty satisfying. I have the rest in the fridge but I really wasn’t tempted to pick at it.

I had a small cereal binge after dinner though. I just wanted more to eat and kept going back to the box of cereal. I wish I could finish dinner and then be done. I have some issues snacking after dinner is over.


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  1. YUM that looks and sounds fab!