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I used my Free Kashi entree coupon to get something that I hadn’t tried, the Tuscan Veggie Bake. I’ll come right out and say it, this was probably the worst Kashi meal that I’ve had. I’ve tried a few of the Kashi frozen meals and they’re mostly decent but this one was really bad. It looked like it was some sort of vegetable filled lasagna. But all that stuff that looks like cheesy goodness in the picture was really some sort of gross tasting sauce. The noodles and some of the veggies were okay tasting but this weird sauce sort of permeated the entire dish. I really am not sure what the sauce is. I looked it up on the Kashi website and it just talks about a spicy tomato sauce, which is what is on the top, but there is no mention of this odd cream-colored sauce.


The nutritionals were fine and it was filling enough for a frozen entree, but the taste was just…bad. This might be one of those love it or hate it type things because the comments on their website about it are either on one end of the spectrum or the complete opposite.

The latest development in the “Lee kills all electronics that she gets her hands on” saga. (seriously, my computer at work wouldn’t turn on for 10 minutes today for absolutely no reason. Then it randomly just started to work again.) I have a new Iphone. And, I think it’s a brand new one. I had purchased a refurbished one online but there was something wrong with the LCD screen. I drove to an Apple store about 10-15 minutes away on my lunch break to see if they could fix it. They determined that there was a problem with the phone and it wasn’t just me being dumb and said that since I didn’t have anything on the phone, they’d just give me a new one all together! So, I think, but am not sure, that I might have gotten a brand new Iphone for the price of the refurbished one! Score. I might or might not have spent half my afternoon trying to look busy but secretly downloading apps. Speaking of, can anyone recommend any good ones? I’ve only begun to look at them, but I’ve downloaded Facebook, Pandora, NPR addict and Allrecipes.

I bought a new cookbook when I was at Target the other day. I kept going back to it in the store and finally just bought it. It’s the Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast cookbook. Most of the meals have 5 or less ingredients and can be made in 15 minutes or less. My kind of meal! I made my first recipe out of it tonight and really enjoyed it. These were refried bean stuffed poblano peppers (they are pictured on a small plate).


I’m feeling pretty guilty because I didn’t work out today or yesterday. I will go tomorrow but I always feel bad when I skip two days in a row. Perfectionist tendencies, I suppose.


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  1. That sounds like my kind of cookbook. I have been searching for a 5-ingredient-or-less book.

    THANKS SO MUCH for your comments on my blog! Great to hear coming from a seasoned runner!

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