Boot camp

I mentioned a few days ago that I found this website that had all these half off coupons and one of the things on the website was a boot camp. I’ve always wanted to try one but it’s been too expensive and I couldn’t justify the expense. Seriously, they normally range from around $250-$350 per month. Who can afford that? So, when I found this deal for $125, I told a few friends about it and they were interested too.

One of my friends, Jaime, found out that they were having a bring your friends day on Saturday. You didn’t actually need to have a friend currently in the class, it was basically just a day where anyone could try it out. So, Jaime, her friend Ali and I met at Piedmont Park at 9 am to see what the deal was.

There were only about 8 people there, including the three of us. They split us into two teams and had a race between the teams to complete a set number of exercises. And man, was it hard! We basically had to a pick a number from a list of 1-12 and they’d tell us the corresponding exercise. Some of them were burpees, squat jumps, plank, crab walk, stair runs and walking lunges. It was really hard! Especially the crab walk and the burpees. It was a good hard though. I tend not to push myself very well when it comes to working out. Sure, I run a lot but, unless I’m training for something, I tend to do the exactly same distance at the exact same pace. I need to shake up my routine. Badly.

So I think I’m going to do it! It’s at 6:30 am which is going to be difficult but also will probably be very good for me because it will force me to go to bed at a decent hour and not drink during the week.


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