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Chili when it’s not chilly


This chili is my go-to easy recipe. I’ve made it so many times that I can recite the ingredients by memory. It’s originally from a recipe that I found several years ago on

Veggie Chili – makes 8 cups
2 peppers, diced
1 small onion, diced
12 oz package of soy meat crumbles
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce (i used a combo of tomato puree and salsa b/c that’s what I had on hand)
2 cans beans, drained (I used black and pinto)
1 small can green chilis (I didn’t have)
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tbsp oil

Saute the peppers and onion in the oil for about 5 minutes on med-high heat. Add the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil. Turn heat down and let simmer for about 30 minutes.

See, couldn’t be easier?

After dinner, I felt the desire to bake. I’d been wanting to try Super Charge Me Cookies. I think I did something wrong, they were very crumbly and didn’t really stick together before I baked them. I used WW flour instead of spelt but I wouldn’t think that would have any negative effect. I think I didn’t really scrape my bowl of wet ingredients into the dry one well enough and that is what probably caused it. Nonetheless, they were still really good and, because they are so crumbly, could easily be a topping for yogurt.



Beer, Beer, Everywhere

I know I’ve talked a lot about how I want to cut down on the amount of alcohol that I consume, but I couldn’t turn down an old-fashioned beer tasting festival, now could I? Atlanta has a ton of summer festivals, including what we went to yesterday, the East Atlanta Beer Festival.


I had some good beers and some beers that I had to pour out because they were too dark and I couldn’t stomach them.

I ran into a bunch of people that I knew including this semi-creepy but nice guy that I’d met at some networking event a few years ago. I’d run into him here and there every so often but hadn’t seen him in at least a year. And he remembered every detail about me which kind of freaked me out, like he remembered my hometown and not that I’m from DC, like the actual suburb! It’s not like I ever even hung out with this person. Oh well. Fortunately, I ran into someone else that I knew while I was talking to him so he sort of went back to his friends. I was kind of afraid he was going to latch on to me.

Other than that brief moment of creepiness, tt was just a fun day with lots of silliness! And I didn’t get a sunburn. Thank you SPF 70.


After the festival, we were HUNGRY. We took a cab out of the area and went to Fontaines for dinner. I always get the mussels with red sauce and was going to try something new, but just couldn’t help myself and ordered the mussels. I’m like that; I always get the same thing when I find something that I like at a restaurant. At this point, I was drinking mostly water and diet coke. A few more friends met us out and Jason was finally able to after he got off work. Considering I’d been celebrating all day, I was very tired and needed go home around 11pm. A pizza might or might not have been consumed.

Not by any means what one would consider a healthy day, but it was really fun. I really like the group of friends that I was with and when the others showed up, everyone seemed to get along which made me happy.

Pushing It

I feed Murphy twice a day and I always ask him what he wants for dinner. I feel like if I can convince him that he’s eating something different every day, it’ll be more interesting to him. I mean, can you imagine eating Nutro for Sensitive Stomachs for every meal? So, last night he told me that he wanted tacos and margaritas.* After hearing that, Jason decided that Murphy was on to something and that’s what we should have too. So we went back to Carumba Cafe. I decided to try to employ something that I learned in this book that I’m reading and that many successful healthy eaters practice in their own lives. Nothing is off limits in moderation.

I wanted a margarita. Normally I would not have let myself have one because of the calories or, even more likely, I would have one and then beat myself up for it. This time I told myself that this restaurant was known for margaritas and it would be okay to have one. Same strategy for the chips. They were tasty and I could have some and feel okay about it, but not gorge myself. And you know what, it worked! I had one serving of chips and then got a salad for my entree, not to deprive myself, but because their salad is good.

Afterwards, Jason asked if I wanted Yoforia which is across the street from the restaurant. I thought about it and realized that as much as I love Yoforia, I was full and we live a mile from the place, it’s not like I couldn’t go another day.

*Virgin, of course. Murphy is only 2 and a half which is only 17 and a half in people years. He doesn’t have a fake ID either.

I talked to my boot camp instructor on the phone on the way home from work. I basically am frustrated that I’m not really getting any tangible results. He basically said, and I’m paraphrasing because we talked for like 20 minutes, that I need to push myself harder. He doesn’t think I’m working as hard as I could and that’s probably true. It’s not to say that it’s not hard, because it definitely is, but I could probably be a little faster. He said that maybe I should choose a person to “chase” in the class and try to keep up with her. He also wants me to write down everything I’m eating and show him and also practice my running form every day. I guess this also means that I’m signing up again. I just sort want to be really in-shape. I’m not in bad shape now, but I’m not in good shape either.

Pros and Cons

Boot camp, boot camp, how I love and hate thee. There are only two more days and I’m at a loss for what to do next.

Pros for signing up for another session:

• It’s more of a challenge than I would do on my own and I feel like I’m getting a better workout.
• I like having my workout finished by the time I go to work and am not sure if I could find the motivation to wake up early every morning if I wasn’t paying to.
• I like being sore in places where I didn’t know it was possible to be sore. Hurts so good, right?
• I think I’m getting stronger. I can do jumping press ups much easier than when I first started.
• Jason and I are going to Mexico in Sept. I would love to wear a bathing suit without feeling like a blob.
• It’s kind of like having a personal trainer.
• Keeps me out of trouble the night before.
• Maybe eventually make some new friends there.


• The cost. Although I did find out that it’s not as much as I thought it was and there are a couple of different options besides going 4 times a week.
• Getting up early is a bitch.
• Not being able to go out on a Friday night is also a bitch.
• I could replicate a lot of the exercises on my own for free with the gym membership that I am still paying for.
• I’m not running as much and I’m afraid my endurance is going to suffer.

What’s a girl to do?

In food related news, I recreated a version of Jason’s panini from Sprouts myself. Jason made one for lunch and emailed me about it and sounded so good that I scraped my plan to make chili and opted to make a sandwich instead.


Farmer’s Market pumpernickel bread with two slices of turkey, TJ’s sundried tomato hummus, mustard and a string cheese all cooked up in the George Foreman. The string cheese didn’t exactly melt, but it was still tasty.

Nom, Nom, Nom.

Tofu; squash

I drove by this new little cafe the other day called Sprouts Green Cafe. Of course, I immediately wanted to go check it out. Jason and I went last night. It was a casual little place, where you order at the counter and they bring you your food. There were only like two other people in the restaurant, but it was a holiday weekend so maybe that has to do with it. It’s right by Emory University which is already out for the summer, so that’s probably a factor too. The woman behind the counter let us sample both the regular and the raw hummus to see which we wanted. The raw kind of tasted vinegary to me so we opted for the regular.

I got the Spinach Bowl.

Jason had the Chicken Panini.

Both were good, but would be very easy to make at home. I’m not sure if this restaurant is going to last to tell the truth. Emory Village is this tiny little row of stores and restaurants and, for whatever reason, most of them do not stay in business. I hope for Sprouts’ sake it does well.

I found a winning tofu recipe. Winning in my book, at least. It’s from Eating Well magazine. I modified it slightly by using 2 tbsp of sesame oil instead of three. I pressed the tofu for about an hour and then marinated in for about three. Then I cooked it at 450 for 10 minutes on each side. Look how chewy it looks. It really took on the flavor of the marinade as well. Jason said it would be better in a sauce, but I found it very flavorful on it’s own.


Here is the original recipe.

With the tofu, I had a baked acorn squash. I bought this last weekend at the Farmer’s Market and didn’t really know what to do with it. I halved it and filled each cavity with a tiny pat of butter and some agave nectar and baked it for an hour at 375.


I’m sort of frustrated right now because I cannot seem to get my camera back to it’s normal settings. This light keeps shining on the subject when I try to focus and then the actual picture turns out very dark. I need to find the manual.

Doing My Homework

Boot camp meets four days a week. For the two of other three days, there is usually some sort of homework assignment that the instructor posts on his blog. I don’t really ever do said homework assignment. It’s not to say that I don’t work out on those days, because I do, but I usually go the freestyle route.

I think I was feeling guilty for not going to class on Saturday, so yesterday I did two of the homeworks! Fortunately, they are not too time consuming. The first was to run 400 meters as fast as you could and then walk for 3 minutes. This was repeated three more times. Mind you, I am not a fast runner in any sense of the word so my “as fast as you can” was between 7.0 – 7.5 on the treadmill. I was pretty proud of myself for the 7.5 though; I don’t think I used to be able to do that for a quarter mile. You were supposed to time yourself, which I forgot to do, but I think it took me about 22 minutes. I walked at 3.0 during the 3-minute walk breaks. The second homework was do to 100 squats, 100 pullups, 100 situps and 100 pushups. I did not do all 100 in a row, rather I did 20 squats, then 20 pullups (on the gravitron or whatever it’s called, that pullup assist machine) etc and then repeated it. I only did 80 reps of everything though because I was pressed for time.

It was a friend’s birthday and we had dinner at Pancho’s which, for some reason, this couple loves. I am very picky about my Mexican food and don’t really like the place. That’s not a bad thing, I guess, because I didn’t really eat that much. I had a NORMAL amount of chips and salsa instead of gorging myself and then I had the avocado salad for dinner. It was sort of weird. It was just spinach and avocado. Lots of avocado. But that was it. Some of the spinach was slimy and even I couldn’t eat 3 pounds of avocado, so I didn’t finish it.

After dinner we went to Gilbert’s because my friends wanted to do karaoke. It’s a restaurant, but it gets very bar/club-like at night. I’ve never actually eaten there, but I just looked at the menu and maybe I should sometime. Anyway, we got there early enough to get a table which was nice. My friend Danny and I did a duet of Mr. Brightside. I’m not sure when I became such a karaoke singing machine. I actually signed us up to do another song, but then I got sort of tired and wanted to go home, so we didn’t sing it.


I am bored. That usually translates into I am eating random shit from the fridge. I’m trying to not do that. I went to Petsmart to get Murphy some food. Since Petsmart is conveniently located next door to Whole Foods, I went inside to get some food for myself. $15 later, I came home and ate my brown rice sushi and seaweed salad and to be fancy, sipped my Strawberry Kombucha out of a martini glass (and ate a random piece of bread). Truth be told, I still have an eeny-weeny sangria-induced headache from last night. Ahh, isn’t getting old fun? I’m kind of hoping the Kombucha will cure it. Wishful thinking, I’m sure. Actually, I’ve heard that coconut water is a good hangover cure. I don’t know if I actually like it though.

I didn’t work out today. Murphy and I went for a walk so that counts for something, I suppose. I will get a run in tomorrow, I will make myself. It’s been a really long time since I’ve gone running and I kind of miss it. Plus, I’m running a 10K on July 4th and I should probably get cracking on that training thing.

I updated my blogroll which was seriously out of date. Then I realized that I spend way too much time on the internet. Oh well.