That’s how I feel about the weekend being over. I’m not going to talk about my job here, but let’s just say it’s part of the reason for the blargh. Wait, is that bad to say? I think I invented the word blargh so if anyone in a superior position just so happens to read this, they have no proof that I am saying anything bad.

Yesterday, I was all set to go to the gym when I got a phone call from my friend Maya asking if I wanted to go to dinner. Maya has two small kids so I really never get a chance to hang out with her. Of course, I ditched the gym plans and we went to Tin Lizzy’s. I did my best to be “good” at a Mexican restaurant, but we got an order of chips and guac and that guac was just calling my name. I think it was splurge-worthy though, there were huge pieces of avocado and it was delicious. Plus, the chips were nicely seasoned. Aside from mass quantities of chips, I had the salad with grilled chicken, no tortilla strips and salsa for the dressing. It was okay. The chicken was sort of dry and I didn’t really much care for the pumpkin seeds. I was happy that salsa was offered as a dressing option though.

Today I went for a run and that ended up being sort of a bust. My legs just felt like Jello. I guess they’re still in shock from bootcamp. I managed about 3.5 miles with some walk breaks here and there. My allergies were really bothering me and by the end of the run, I felt like my eyes were glued shut. I don’t know why, but my allergies have been a lot worse this year than in previous ones. The pollen in Atlanta, as Kelly can attest to, is bad. I should take a picture of everyone’s car in the springtime. They’re all covered with yellow pollen. It’s weird though because although the pollen count is in the extremely high range, it’s nowhere near as high as it was last year and I’m way more sensitive.

I made a tofu-salad from my new Cooking Light cookbook. Jason had some on a sandwich and said he liked it. I tried it but haven’t made a meal of it yet. It was very similar to egg-salad. I liked it and will eat it, but it was a tad too mayonaissey for me. I don’t like mayo. I understand it’s usefulness in salad type dishes but it has to be a very small amount for me to enjoy it.

Sorry this picture isn’t exactly pretty. It was in a tuperware container so what can I do?


Here’s a little known fact about myself. Well, little-known on my blog, unless I’ve blogged about it before which I can’t remember. I was on a rugby team in college for three years. It was a club sport which meant that anyone could join. That was good because I sucked. I’m not saying that to be down on myself or anything, it’s just the truth. I’ve mentioned that I am not athletically inclined and this was an example. Still, I was pretty into it and my senior year an officer of the team. I was perusing facebook today and found a UVM Women’s Rugby (come on get me some blog hits there!) Alumni page. I found like ten people that I was friends with that I haven’t talked to since 2000. It made me really happy to reunite with all of these people but, at the same time, really miss college!


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  1. How great that you found some old friends! Good luck with your job today… 🙂