I don’t know why, but I was completely exhausted today. I didn’t even have bootcamp this morning, so I slept in until 7:30, but am just so tired. I probably didn’t get quality sleep last night because we decided to celebrate seis de Mayo and had margaritas at this local Mexican restaurant that I’ve walked/ran/driven by a million times but never been to. It was cute, family-owned and the owner/bartender was friendly. The menu looked like typical Mexican fare so we decided that we’ll have to go back and try the food sometime. I don’t typically order margaritas because of their high calorie count, but they had a million different types on the menu, so I figured once every so often wasn’t going to kill me.

Fortunately, for my liver and waistline, I did not celebrate siete de mayo. Instead, I went on a 4-mile run/walk with Joan. I’d say we ran probably 2.5-3 miles of it and walked the rest. Dinner was burgers and fries, Lee-style. I had a Morningstar Farms burger sans bun, topped with mustard and tomato, sweet potato fries dipped in organic ketchup (no HFCS) and kale chips. No picture as Jason and Murphy went to SC and took the camera with them.

This post is completely boring, I realize that. I promise to be back with something more intellectually stimulating or at least with pretty pictures next time.


One response to “Tired

  1. I disagree! I laughed out loud at your celebration of “seis de mayo” haha. Sounds like you got a great “siete de mayo” workout in, too – good for you!