Thai one on

Haha, I think my post title is clever although I most certainly saw it somewhere. Anyway, as you can probably guess, I had thai food for dinner last night.

I had plans to go to Spoon with my friends Jamie and Dave last night. As I was leaving Costco, $80 poorer (even after putting a large box of Larabars back), Jamie texted me and asked if we could change the restaurant. He suggested a French restaurant that I’d never been to. I looked at the menu (Yay, Iphone) and texted him back that it was just too expensive. It looked good but most of the entrees were around $20 and that’s not counting any wine we might have ordered. So, Spoon it was. We went to their new location in E. Atlanta which is walking distance to Dave’s house (although we drove). They didn’t have their liquor license yet but you could bring your own wine or beer and there was no corking fee or anything. I had the Basil Stir-Fry with Tofu. I probably should have asked for the tofu to be steamed, but I didn’t and it came out fried. Oh well, fried tofu is yummy. I ordered it hot and it was not quite hot enough for my palette but still good. I was just afraid to order it Thai hot but I think next time I will. One thing that I really liked was that the plate was not too big. I’m not very good at not being a member of the clean plate club, so when the plate is smaller, I feel better about eating the whole thing.

After dinner, we went over to a bar in the E. Atl Village and had two beers there and called it a night.

I had boot camp this morning. Getting up at 8 was fine, I didn’t need an alarm even, but it was still sort of hard to motivate to actually go. When I got there, I felt good though. We did all sorts of things today, a lot of arm stuff that I can feel already! The first day that I had boot camp, 2 weeks ago, we did a crab walk (like in grade school PE) and it was really hard. Today was had to do 5 of them and, although it was still hard, it didn’t feel as hard. Yay, progress!


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