Consultation with an RD

The particular boot camp that I am doing has a dietician on staff. Everyone is permitted an initial consultation with her and then, if you wish, you can see her more. Due to the distance between her office and mine, we decided to do a phone consultation.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I feel like I know a fair amount about nutrition. I’m not an expert by any means and I’ve never actually studied it, but I think I know more than the average American. Some of the things that she told me, I already knew. How many calories I should be consuming to lose weight, for example. What we talked about more in depth, and what I feel that I really do need help with, is how I sort of never let myself get hungry. I come home from work and immediately rummage through the cabinets before I make dinner. If I’m going out to dinner in, say an hour, and I feel a little rumbly, I’ll rummage through the cabinets again. She said a few things about this that made sense. One was that if I felt like I needed a snack right when I got home from work, to have a set snack. Like a string cheese or some sort of protein. She said not to have anything sweet because that would probably just make me even munchier. Basically, the gist of what she was saying was if I needed more snacks, just to compensate by making my meals smaller. I told her how a lot of times Jason comes home at around 11 and he has a snack and I’ll pick at it. Again, she said that if I want to do that, it’s fine, just to make my dinner smaller.

A second thing that she said that I hadn’t really thought about was maybe to have two snacks in the afternoon. I’m not so much a morning snacker, on occasion I will, but generally my breakfast keeps me full until lunchtime, probably because I eat it at the office so it’s not really more than 4 hours in between the two meals. I usually have a snack around 3, but she said that I should have a second one around 5:30 or when I get home so I wouldn’t be so ravenous and mindlessly eat. She gave me approximate calorie counts and what I really was surprised at was how big the snack was. She said 200 calories for the first snack and 100-150 for the second. I normally would think that 200 calories for a snack is a lot but maybe that’s why I eat too much at my meals or before them.

She recommended the book When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair. Has anyone read it?


2 responses to “Consultation with an RD

  1. Interesting! Sounds like she had a lot of ideas custom to your life/schedule/snacking/etc. I haven’t read that book! Sounds good though!

  2. I’ve never read that book! Sounds interesting.

    I hear ya on the snacking, I really need to reel that in, I’m thinking of instituting a no eating after 7pm rule (to help w/ the evening/tv snacking)…I’m one of those ppl who raids the cabinets when I get home from work – I also get home at like 4….I think my bigger problem is I need to drink more water! slowly working on that.

    your RD made valid points about making yoru other meals smaller to allow for snacking. nice points!

    I think a handful of nuts would be another great snack option for 100-200 cals – either that or a T of pb straight from the jar! creamy & satisfying – make sure you follow nuts up with water b/c it’ll help expand in your tummy and make you full!