An Attempt at Intuitive Eating and also Groceries

am really trying to work hard at recognizing when I’m truly hungry and when I’m just bored. It’s so difficult to differentiate between the two sometimes. I went to Jason’s Deli today with some coworkers for lunch. Since I’d had a carby breakfast, I got the soup and salad bar for lunch with a cup of vegetable soup. The soup was good but there was something in my salad that I didn’t like and I wasn’t sure what it was. Either artichokes or salsa; something was too watery. I also had one of their mini-corn muffins. The website says they are 100 calories for a tiny little muffin! Is that right? It seems so small for that many calories. In the interest of full disclosure, I also had a very small cup of soft serve ice cream. I love soft serve.

Last night Jason and I went to Kroger to get hot sauce and ended up with so much other stuff. I don’t know about the grocery stores in your areas, but Kroger has a card that you scan and you get the sale price. I like to not scan the card until the end of the transaction and then watch the cost go down. We also had a coupon for a FREE container of Sabra (thank you Sabra) and a FREE kashi entree. For some reason, our particular Kroger was having a lot of close out sales on a bunch of Organic food and we stocked up. The difference between the initial cost of the groceries and how much it turned out to be after we scanned our Kroger Plus card and used our coupons was $30! Good deal.

Boot camp was tough today. We did some exercise that involved running 400 meters and then doing as many rail pullups (pull ups under a railing) as you can and then repeating for 20 minutes. I’d say at max, I ran 1.5 miles and, I guess because of the pull ups thrown in, it was tough! I am not good at rail pullups. I can maybe do 7-8 before I have to rest. I just lack the upper body strength, I suppose. Mike, the instructor, said that my form was getting better and it would get easier. I’ve always been somewhat lanky and have a hard time putting on muscle. Although we have different body shapes, I think I inherited that from my mother.


3 responses to “An Attempt at Intuitive Eating and also Groceries

  1. I have the same problem with Kroger. I start seeing all the stuff that’s a good deal with my card and I buy crap that I don’t really need.

    I’m enjoying reading about your bootcamp. I’ve toyed with the idea several times, but I’m always too chicken to do stuff like that by myself.

  2. haha me too! Kroger makes me buy in bulk with those enticing buy 4 to get things for $2.50 instead of $4 each! Argh! And i’m no help with intuitive eating. Sadly, i have to track my food and be like oh… I must not be hungry because I’ve had enough calories. haha

  3. Lauren – I can tell you more about the specific boot camp if you are interested. I am actually doing it with a friend; I was scared to do it by myself too.

    Kelly – I try to track my calories but always seem to lose count at night. Argh.