You’re Only Cheating Yourself

Jason and I had stopped at Caramba Cafe for a margarita last week and decided to try it out for dinner last night. It did not disappoint. Mexican food is not my favorite; some places make it very hard to find a somewhat healthy entree. This place, however, had a pretty good variety to chose from. I had the Fajita salad with shrimp. It was basically shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, avocado and shrimp. There was no dressing and it did not come in a taco shell, both of which pleased me. I covered it with salsa, of course.


Muy Bueno.

Boot Camp was rough today. We did three different mini-workouts. The first consisted of three things – 1. box jumps (15), 2. situps (10) 3. press ups (imagine pulling yourself up out of the side of a swimming pool, but using a column in the park is the best way I can think to explain this.) (5). We had to just repeat these for a certain amount of time. The second was tricep dips. The third, the killer one, was this hill running/pushup thing. Basically you had to run up and down this hill and when you go to the bottom, you’d do 10 push-ups, then the next time 9 and so on. The only thing was on every other number, you’d have to do decline pushups on a bench which I could barely do at all.

I’m just gong to go ahead and say this, because no one from the boot camp reads this. And really, if they do read this, they know they’re doing it anyway. For a lot of exercises, there are certain reps that you have to do before you finish or move on to the next exercise. Like 15 box jumps for example. And I know that some people are cheating and not doing the full amount. Today on the hill workout, everyone was [supposedly] done and I still had one more up and down the hill to go. Everyone was not done. There were at least two people that I am completely sure skipped out on their last one. Really, I don’t know why it bothers me. The way other people work out has nothing to do with me. It’s just sort of infuriating to be last at everything that’s based on a certain number of repetitions because some people aren’t completing them all. I keep telling myself that it’s not a race and they’re only cheating themselves, but it just pisses me off.

After class, Mike, the instructor, wanted to talk to me about my running form. I think I’ve talked about my wonky running form before. Jason has told me numerous times that my form isn’t correct and just looks weird. He’s been saying that he’s going to record me running so I can see what it looks like. t so I don’t have to see myself from the backside! I don’t even know how to explain it, mostly because I don’t exactly know what it looks like, but in race pictures, when my foot is up in the air, it’s often sort of to the side, not under my butt.

My problem is that I’ve run this way for so long and for so many miles that it feels completely normal to me. Trying to change my stride feels odd and exaggerated. Mike said that I need to focus more on moving my knees; that I’m basically just lifting my feet off the ground from my knees down. He said that if I keep running this way, I’m going to mess up my knees eventually. It’s just really hard to change something that you’ve done for a long time, especially since running “normally” is really hard for me. He said that he’s going to send me some videos and stuff that I can look at. I didn’t even think to ask Mike about it, so I’m glad that he noticed. I’ve wanted someone to help me correct this for a long time because I think that I’m not using my energy efficiently right now and, in turn, I’m not able to run faster.


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