I sometimes like to end words with a Z. I’m [un]cool like that. Anyway, Jason and I went to Thaicoon last night for some sushi. It’s this random sushi and thai place in a strip mall right near our house. It looks unassuming, but it’s really good.

My boyfriend:


Basil Roll Appetizer:

Sushi for two:

You actually can’t see all the sushi in that picture, but there was a lot! I don’t like those cream cheese rolls so Jason ate all of them.

Tonight was another successful recipe from Cooking Light – Fresh Food Fast. I definitely recommend this cookbook. So far, I’ve made four things from it and they’ve all been really good and easy to throw together.

Tonight was a roasted tomato and bean pasta. I changed up the recipe a lot though to use up some ingredients I had on hand instead of buying new ones. Instead of bottled roasted red pepper, I actually roasted a yellow pepper that I had in the fridge. Instead of navy beans, I used chickpeas and instead of fresh basil, I used dried. It was still delicious!


You will not be disappointed in this cookbook, I promise!


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  1. You two are adorable! You are gorgeous and the two of you fit together so well! Is it weird that just by your photo (and blog..and comments on mine 🙂 I can tell we’d get along so well?!