The problem with Saturday morning boot camp is that it’s later in the morning and the park is already crowded so there is no place to park. Today I had to drive around for like 10 minutes, trying to find a space on the street. By the time I found a place, like a million miles away, and jogged to the place where the boot camp meets, everyone was already gone. I figured I’d just run around the park and try to find them and if not, at least I’d get a little run in. It took two circles of park, but I finally caught up to them. I ended up missing a good 20 minutes of the class trying to find them, but I still got a decent workout in.

We had to do an exercise (they all have weird names like “boot camp Julie” and stuff like that) where you did press ups for a minute, then a minute of pushups, a minute of stepups, a minute of dips and a minute of burpees. We had to do this three times and keep a running count of how many reps we did each of the three times. I kept doing more each time which was good, I guess. I think I got to about 85 for my highest.

I suddenly realized that pretty much every single one of my friends is out of town this weekend and I don’t have anything to do! Not that I really have the need to do something, but I always like to have the option of calling someone up for dinner or whatever.


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