Korean Food is Meaty

As you might deduct from my post title, I had Korean food last night. We went to a restaurant called, oddly enough, Don Quixote. One person in the group, Grace, is Korean so she spoke with the server and and started ordering things for the table. At this point, I had to do the semi-embarrassing, “Wait, I don’t eat beef or pork!” thing. Wouldn’t you know it, most things on the menu were beef and pork based. We did get something that was squid and then Grace asked them to make a vegetable curry for me that didn’t have meat in it. They were not used to such a request, because they forgot and put the meat in! They took it back and brought out a meatless one though. The restaurant was interesting. It was sort of in the suburbs and very authentic. It wasn’t a nice restaurant, per se, but we got a ton of food for only $10 per person! I’ll have to say, Korean food is not my favorite. I like other Asian cuisine, but this was too meat-centric for my tastes. Although the squid was good. I didn’t take any pictures. Not only because I was with three people whom I’d just met the previous weekend, but because I did not want to be that American who takes pictures of her Korean food.

To get away from meat, I made myself a meat and potatoes-free Memorial Day type meal.


Ahh. The joys of fake meat. The fake fries were not exactly fry-like but they were still tasty.

I had one of those Fuze Slenderize drinks today. I’d had one before and didn’t care for it, but I figured I’d give it a second shot. Bleh. It gave me a lot of phlegm. What is the point of drinking something if it makes you thirstier? I guess what’s what water is for.


2 responses to “Korean Food is Meaty

  1. The restaurant sounds fun! I love going to different places with people who speak their language. How funny that they reacted like that to a request for a veggie dish!

  2. I’ve never had Korean food before – I can’t imagine its much different that Chinese food? And too bad not many veggie options!