Friday Afternoon Blogging

The fact that I’m blogging on a Friday afternoon means one thing. I’m not at work! They let us leave at noon for the holiday weekend. Yay. Usually they make us wait in suspense to see if we’re leaving early and an email will randomly come at like 12:30 saying we can leave at 2:30 or so. At this point, half of the office has gone to lunch and I’m usually still there (I like to take my lunch as late as possible) and feel guilty about leaving since we get to go home in two hours. It doesn’t matter though because today we got an email around 10 saying the office was closing at 12. Woo motherfuckin’ hoo. Can you tell I’m happy about this? If I watched soap operas, I’d totally be chilling on the coach with All My Children or whatever, but I don’t so a DVR’d episode of the Hills will have to suffice.

I’m have a dinner party of sorts tonight. I say “of sorts” because I only invited two of my friends. Baby steps. I’m not too experienced in the art of entertaining at my home but I wanted them to meet Murphy and thought maybe I could act my age for once and have a dinner party instead of taking shots at a bar. (Not that I really do that. Okay, maybe occasionally but I get made fun of for it since I prefer to sip my shots.) Fortunately, I have many hours before my fete so I can clean the house and also maybe buy some food. I’m thinking a taco bar type dealio. I saw someone do that recently on a blog and thought it was a good idea. And it just so happens that Hungry Girl has a recipe this week for sangria which goes well with tacos and bonus, doesn’t have that many typical Hungry Girl scary ingredients.

I had a veggie burger for lunch with a side of popcorn. I kind of want a Weight Watchers Ice Cream sandwich but thought that since Jason is home, he and I could walk Murphy up to Yoforia so I can get a cup of crack, I mean yogurt. Or I could take a nap instead.


One response to “Friday Afternoon Blogging

  1. I thought the upside down tequila sunrise looked good, too.

    Good luck with your dinner party!