My Mexican fiesta went off without a hitch. Actually, there was one hitch. My camera had dead batteries. But I made do with my iphone camera.


I think I need a bigger table. Or not serve a million different bowls of food. We had chicken and fish which I made Jason cook because I am not especially good at cooking things without a recipe and they often turn out bland. Jason says it’s because I am afraid of oil. I say tsk, tsk. Anyway, aside from the oily chicken and fish, which were very good, we just had a bunch of different taco ingredients – lettuce, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos, cheese etc, etc. My friend Jamie brought over guacamole ingredients and proceeded to make the guac at the table. It was just like being at Rosa Mexicano (Mexicana?)! The Hungry Girl sangria was good too although I was the only one who drank it. It tasted like real sangria that you’d get in a restaurant. I was sort of impressed with authentic taste considering it’s basically red wine and cranberry juice.

Murphy was very well behaved. Although he did show his privates to our guests.


The only bad thing about a dinner party: The aftermath. This is what I get to clean up today.


I have a secret to tell. I skipped bootcamp this morning. It’s the first time that I’ve skipped it and kind of dumb since I’m paying for it but I just was having fun hanging out with Jason (our friends left around 9:30) and didn’t want to go to sleep. Then, when I did go to sleep, I didn’t want to get up. I need to get in some form of exercise today to make up for it. I haven’t run outside in a while so I might do that. I need to download the latest This American Life podcast and take the Murphster for a walk as well.


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  1. LOL – omg that picture of murphy is TOOOO FUNNy!