Tofu; squash

I drove by this new little cafe the other day called Sprouts Green Cafe. Of course, I immediately wanted to go check it out. Jason and I went last night. It was a casual little place, where you order at the counter and they bring you your food. There were only like two other people in the restaurant, but it was a holiday weekend so maybe that has to do with it. It’s right by Emory University which is already out for the summer, so that’s probably a factor too. The woman behind the counter let us sample both the regular and the raw hummus to see which we wanted. The raw kind of tasted vinegary to me so we opted for the regular.

I got the Spinach Bowl.

Jason had the Chicken Panini.

Both were good, but would be very easy to make at home. I’m not sure if this restaurant is going to last to tell the truth. Emory Village is this tiny little row of stores and restaurants and, for whatever reason, most of them do not stay in business. I hope for Sprouts’ sake it does well.

I found a winning tofu recipe. Winning in my book, at least. It’s from Eating Well magazine. I modified it slightly by using 2 tbsp of sesame oil instead of three. I pressed the tofu for about an hour and then marinated in for about three. Then I cooked it at 450 for 10 minutes on each side. Look how chewy it looks. It really took on the flavor of the marinade as well. Jason said it would be better in a sauce, but I found it very flavorful on it’s own.


Here is the original recipe.

With the tofu, I had a baked acorn squash. I bought this last weekend at the Farmer’s Market and didn’t really know what to do with it. I halved it and filled each cavity with a tiny pat of butter and some agave nectar and baked it for an hour at 375.


I’m sort of frustrated right now because I cannot seem to get my camera back to it’s normal settings. This light keeps shining on the subject when I try to focus and then the actual picture turns out very dark. I need to find the manual.


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