Pushing It

I feed Murphy twice a day and I always ask him what he wants for dinner. I feel like if I can convince him that he’s eating something different every day, it’ll be more interesting to him. I mean, can you imagine eating Nutro for Sensitive Stomachs for every meal? So, last night he told me that he wanted tacos and margaritas.* After hearing that, Jason decided that Murphy was on to something and that’s what we should have too. So we went back to Carumba Cafe. I decided to try to employ something that I learned in this book that I’m reading and that many successful healthy eaters practice in their own lives. Nothing is off limits in moderation.

I wanted a margarita. Normally I would not have let myself have one because of the calories or, even more likely, I would have one and then beat myself up for it. This time I told myself that this restaurant was known for margaritas and it would be okay to have one. Same strategy for the chips. They were tasty and I could have some and feel okay about it, but not gorge myself. And you know what, it worked! I had one serving of chips and then got a salad for my entree, not to deprive myself, but because their salad is good.

Afterwards, Jason asked if I wanted Yoforia which is across the street from the restaurant. I thought about it and realized that as much as I love Yoforia, I was full and we live a mile from the place, it’s not like I couldn’t go another day.

*Virgin, of course. Murphy is only 2 and a half which is only 17 and a half in people years. He doesn’t have a fake ID either.

I talked to my boot camp instructor on the phone on the way home from work. I basically am frustrated that I’m not really getting any tangible results. He basically said, and I’m paraphrasing because we talked for like 20 minutes, that I need to push myself harder. He doesn’t think I’m working as hard as I could and that’s probably true. It’s not to say that it’s not hard, because it definitely is, but I could probably be a little faster. He said that maybe I should choose a person to “chase” in the class and try to keep up with her. He also wants me to write down everything I’m eating and show him and also practice my running form every day. I guess this also means that I’m signing up again. I just sort want to be really in-shape. I’m not in bad shape now, but I’m not in good shape either.


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