Beer, Beer, Everywhere

I know I’ve talked a lot about how I want to cut down on the amount of alcohol that I consume, but I couldn’t turn down an old-fashioned beer tasting festival, now could I? Atlanta has a ton of summer festivals, including what we went to yesterday, the East Atlanta Beer Festival.


I had some good beers and some beers that I had to pour out because they were too dark and I couldn’t stomach them.

I ran into a bunch of people that I knew including this semi-creepy but nice guy that I’d met at some networking event a few years ago. I’d run into him here and there every so often but hadn’t seen him in at least a year. And he remembered every detail about me which kind of freaked me out, like he remembered my hometown and not that I’m from DC, like the actual suburb! It’s not like I ever even hung out with this person. Oh well. Fortunately, I ran into someone else that I knew while I was talking to him so he sort of went back to his friends. I was kind of afraid he was going to latch on to me.

Other than that brief moment of creepiness, tt was just a fun day with lots of silliness! And I didn’t get a sunburn. Thank you SPF 70.


After the festival, we were HUNGRY. We took a cab out of the area and went to Fontaines for dinner. I always get the mussels with red sauce and was going to try something new, but just couldn’t help myself and ordered the mussels. I’m like that; I always get the same thing when I find something that I like at a restaurant. At this point, I was drinking mostly water and diet coke. A few more friends met us out and Jason was finally able to after he got off work. Considering I’d been celebrating all day, I was very tired and needed go home around 11pm. A pizza might or might not have been consumed.

Not by any means what one would consider a healthy day, but it was really fun. I really like the group of friends that I was with and when the others showed up, everyone seemed to get along which made me happy.


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