Unprocessed Food

You know how sometimes something just clicks? I’ve read Skinny Bitch, I’ve read Michael Pollan, I’ve read John Robbins, I’ve read a bunch of wonderful food blogs on the interwebs. It all made sense to me but didn’t CLICK. I’m not even sure how, but I came across Crazy Sexy Life yesterday and read every entry in the archive and all of a sudden, something clicked.

Why am I putting all this crap in my body? I am constantly polluting myself with chemicals. I am so afraid of gaining weight that I resort to the only weight-loss trick that I’ve had success with in the past and that’s putting a bunch of crap that I can’t even pronounce much less define in my body. Why? Because it has less calories. Sugar-free is my comfort zone. Except most of the time, it’s not comfortable. I get horrible stomach aches on an almost daily basis. I am almost 100% sure that something that I’m eating is causing this pain. It could be stress, but more likely it’s food related.

I’m not nourishing myself the way I should be. I read and admire so many bloggers that only eat whole foods, yet have such a hard time myself. It’s stupid really. I wonder why I can’t lose weight, why I’m tired all the time, why I constantly feel bloated and part of me knows its from eating processed food. It’s hard to get away from. You’ve seen the way I eat for the most part; it’s not that bad. Hell, half of my friends would tell you that I’m the healthiest eater that they know. But when you stop to define healthy, am I? Yeah, I don’t eat fast food and I try not to eat chips and that kind of thing, but is a weight watchers ice cream cone really healthy? It’s hard because I actually enjoy some highly processed food (see above mentioned ice cream cone).

I’m always looking for a way to lose weight and cutting out processed foods is the one thing that I’ve never fully embraced. It can only lead to good things. Whether or not I’ll lose weight is to be determined, but nothing negative is going to come out of not eating chemically laden yogurt (which I already don’t do, bad example, chemically laden pudding then).

How much of your diet comes from processed foods? I read nutrition labels but usually just focus on the calories and try to watch out for certain no-nos (partially hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup etc) but I don’t really pay much attention to what the other ingredients are.

So, beginning now, I am going to try harder. I’m not going to say that I’m immediately going to cut out all processed foods and foods with ingredients that I can’t pronounce, but I’m going to try to eventually overhaul my diet and eat more naturally.

In other news, I did 100 pushups today. 100 girly pushups, but still 100. And I took some breaks, but still 100!


5 responses to “Unprocessed Food

  1. Good for you. I realized this morning as I poured a hot cup of coffee with sweetener and coffeemate, “Why would I rather put this crap in my body than a fresh squeezed juice?” “Less calories” did not seem like a good enough answer.

  2. gotta love it when something clicks!
    i have been feeling the same way about putting crap in my body. its hard to regulate, but its worth trying. every little bit helps make a big difference.

  3. healthyaddiction83

    I’m on the same page – it has taken me years to wean most of the processed crap out of my diet, and I still slip up on a regular basis. I have noticed that the fewer processed items I consume, the better I feel – could be placebo, but it certainly has to be healthier. Try to focus on eating “mostly unprocessed” instead of black and white commandments; makes it easier and you feel like less of a failure when you do slip.

  4. that is a great goal! i’ve tried to curb eating processed foods. Although I haven’t eliminated them completely, I am so happy with the way my body feels. I eliminated diet soda about 6 months ago in favor of selzer with splashes of 100 percent juice. I also typically buy all natural snacks- like Food should taste good chips, pure/lara bars, etc. Good luck on your goal!

  5. Good luck! And doing 100 of anything us impressive!!!